JULY 27-29, 2011


7:30 am

Loews Canyon Course

7:30 am

Join us for a hike of the Loews Ventana Canyon grounds and nearby trails. We will meet in hotel lobby.

10:00 am
Connected Communities: Government as a Partner in Citizen Engagement and Community Building

Local governments can be at the forefront of advancing citizen engagement. To do so, they must understand what engagement is, identify the ways to expand and connect their engagement activities and share ownership of those activities with citizens. Engaging residents in problem solving and in high profile projects is the key ingredient for high performing communities. The Alliance for Innovation tracks the best practices of cities and towns throughout the country and will help participants identify steps local governments can take to achieve a higher level of citizen engagement.

12:00 pm
1:30 pm
"No More Excuses" - It's Time for Some Motivation and Inspiration!

Entrepreneur, business expert, and international author Sam Silverstein's battle cry of "No More Excuses" has been heard by companies and business professionals the world over. Corporations such as AFLAC and Lucent Technologies rely on leadership speaker Sam Silverstein to learn how to be more effective leaders, provide greater service and increase income in trying times. His programs focus on accountability and authenticity, teaching his hard-learned lessons and his winning techniques to build success both personally and professionally. Sam incites success and creates leaders everywhere he goes. He leaves those he meets challenged towards results and encouraged towards greatness. The momentum towards success is propelled by eliminating excuses and taking personal accountability for choices, actions and outcome. In his presentation Silverstein uses unforgettable illustrations and paints vibrant, often hilarious, always inspiring pictures for his audiences.

Whether you are faced with change, growing your leadership team, seeking accountability training, or entering strategic planning, it all starts here. The first step is to make No More Excuses and be accountable for making your local government's success a reality.

3:15 pm
Economic Update

Cities and towns are still grappling with a downturn. This session will explore the current state of the economy, the effect of the financial market collapse and long-term recovery.

5:00 pm
Opening Reception


8:00 am
Continental Breakfast
8:00 am
ACMA Board Meeting
9:00 am
Ask the Experts: Part II

This was one of the highest evaluated sessions at the ACMA winter conference. We are all experts in local government; this interactive dialogue will focus on discussing the latest trends, current issues and changes we are facing in our organizations and communities. This session provides an opportunity to share and offer resources to each other about what we are doing to meet the changing needs of our communities and all of our stakeholders. The more participants we have the more interesting this gets! ACMA Life Members Pam Kavanaugh and Dick Bowers will facilitate this dialogue.

10:30 am
Not Just Another Sustainability Session

How can you enhance the sustainability of your organization by collaborating with other Arizona governments? Join members of the Sustainable Cities Network and other local government sustainability professionals as they share innovative approaches to enhancing fiscal, social, and environmental sustainability. This session is about much more than "going green," and will connect you with resources to improve the performance of your organization. Panelists will share best management practices and lessons learned, and participants will leave with fresh insight into the challenges of sustaining local government.

12:00 pm

Conference participants are encouraged to attend this special lunch that will honor new ACMA Life Member, Pam Kavanaugh, and also provide an update to members on plans for the ICMA 2011 Conference in Milwaukee and 2012 Conference in Phoenix. Conference chairs David Cavazos, City Manager of Phoenix; John Kross, Town Manager of Queen Creek and ACMA President-Elect; and David Smith, County Manager of Maricopa County will be present to share their plans for the upcoming conferences.

1:15 pm
Ethics and Leadership

ACMA has a strong commitment to continuing education on ethics. Please join us for a facilitated discussion regarding leadership and ethics. Equity, transparency, honor, integrity, commitment and stewardship are standards for excellence in democratic local governance. As we've all seen in the news, it seems that ethical choices are more complex when people are under pressure. In the public sector, we understand that while something might be legal, it doesn't mean it's ethical. In these challenging times, everyone could use a refresher to help build skills and learn practical strategies for making ethical choices.

3:00 pm
Background, Changes, and Status of Government Retirement Plans

Concerns about public pension plans are at the forefront of public discussion. This presentation will cover the industry landscape, including the strengths and weaknesses of defined contribution and defined benefit plans, and changes to ASRS that have occurred over the last eight years. Additional recent changes, proposals, and concerns will also be addressed.

5:00 pm
6:00 pm


8:00 am
Continental Breakfast
8:30 am
Redistricting: The Bottom Line

The Arizona redistricting process is in full swing. Learn about the state's Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) and how it plans to redraw Congressional and State Legislative districts across Arizona. This session will also cover the process, timelines, methodology, federal requirements and political pressures faced by the IRC in its race with the clock to redistrict Arizona in time for the 2012 elections.

10:00 am
There's An App for That: Transition to Mobile Government

The number of people having access to mobile devices and mobile internet connection is increasing rapidly. Mobile access to government - anywhere, anytime - is becoming an expectation of our residents as part of their daily lives, and governments will have to transform their activities according to this demand of convenience in this compelling mobile world. This has led to new developments in the way that governments provide services and engage their residents and businesses, and in the way government agencies make their operational areas more efficient, especially in times of dwindling resources. There are real benefits, immense potential and there are pitfalls in transitioning to this mobile environment. Two local communities will share their efforts in transitioning to the age of m-government (mobile government) through moving towards mobile devices for their governing bodies and staff, and creating their own mobile applications for internal and external use.

11:00 am
Legislative Impacts

This panel will provide an update for members on a variety of timely legislative issues. League and County Supervisors Association (CSA) legislative staff will provide an overview of the 2011 legislative session, and explain the challenges and opportunities we currently face. Members will also hear about the current status of legal issues affecting cities, towns and counties.

12:00 pm
Conference Concludes

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