Board Names Hutchinson Newest ACMA Range Rider
Mike Hutchinson, retired City Manager of Mesa was appointed by the Board of Directors to be the newest addition to the Range Rider Program.
Mike began his career with the City of Mesa in 1977 as an intern and retired as City Manager on December 2005. During his tenure with the City of Mesa, Mike's leadership propelled Mesa through a period of rapid growth and through his dedication, established and managed a number of award winning City services and programs.
Mike has served on the ACMA Board and is Past President of ACMA. He received the Workplace Diversity Professional Development Award from ICMA in 2003 and was inducted into the ASU Hall of Fame that same year. Mike was the recipient of ACMA's highest honor, the John J. DeBolske Professional Excellence Award in 2006 for his dedication to service and lifelong contributions to the profession.
The creation of a second Range Rider position was made possible by Lloyd Harrell's appointment to the post of Senior Advisor to ICMA, a role which he will perform in addition to his ACMA Range Rider duties.
The Range Rider Program was established in 1974 through the efforts of ACMA Life Member Mark Keane and the ICMA Board. The primary purpose of this program was to make the counsel, experience, and support of respected, retired members of the profession available to local government managers.
Being the top administrator in local government is sometimes a lonely business; at least with respect to the availability of persons for discussing certain kinds of management, political, or even personal problems. That is, there might be no one appropriately available in a manager's staff or council for the manager to turn to and thus the Range Rider concept was born as one answer to serve this need.
In addition to consulting with managers, Range Riders respond to calls for assistance by cities that are interested in adopting the council-manager plan or to consult with charter commissions who are studying changes to their charter regarding the duties of a city manager. Also, they have assisted in defending the council-manager plan.
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