The ACMA International Committee WANTS YOU!
November 17, 2006 after several months of consideration, the ACMA Board of Directors approved the formation of a new committee. The International Committee was established in response to a need for an international component to ACMA. Board members recognized that while each country's approach to local governance might embody a different perspective; all local government managers would stand to gain by learning about these various perspectives.
The purpose of the ACMA International Committee was formed to develop strategies to encourage the international exchange of information on best practices and personal development and will focus their efforts in the following areas. The committee:
    Will engage in information exchange with associations, local government institutions, and local government managers in other countries.
    Will examine best practices and case studies from other countries and at times invite these managers/ representatives to speak at the ACMA conferences.
    Will examine the feasibility of establishing an exchange program for ACMA members with local government professionals in other countries, encouraging member participation and then having these members share their experience.
    Will examine the feasibility of organizing study tours to other countries for ACMA managers.
If you are interested on serving on the ACMA International Committee, please send a letter of interest addressed to Bill Pupo, Director, ACMA at 1820 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85007.
For additional information, please contact Amy Price at
Arizona City/County Management Association
1820 W. Washington Street
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Phone: (602) 258-5786
Fax: (602) 253-3874
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