Innovations Group to Host Webcast Training - "Redeveloping Downtown" Special Pricing Offered to Members
The Innovation Groups has prepared special pricing for ACMA and IG/ACMA members to take advantage of the January 31, 2007 Satellite/ Webcast Training (STV), "Redeveloping Downtown".
As the attraction of downtown living grows, redevelopment has become a leading issue in government. We are currently experiencing a resurgence of the need for an epicenter in a community and it makes good sense that the central place be the downtown's that were previously abandoned as development moved out to the suburbs in the last few decades.
Quality of life for downtown inhabitants is at the forefront of many development efforts in the country. This impacts community resident's ability to live, work, shop and be educated within the downtown. Governments from Florida to Texas to California are having success at reinvigorating their downtown and attracting both residents and businesses.
This broadcast will feature a roundtable discussion of those governments who are having success at downtown redevelopment. Additionally the second hour of the program will focus on audience questions. This hour will be completely interactive as panel members take phone, fax and email questions.
IG transmits the STV workshops to any desktop computer. As a collaborative effort, IG and ACMA are offering the following special one-time pricing to those local governments who are members of both IG and ACMA members as well as those who are ACMA only members:
1. $89 per desktop for IG &ACMA members
2. $99 per desktop for ACMA members
Contact Tracy Miller, with the Innovation Groups at 813.857.8466 or to sign-up for this one-time offer.
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