ACMA Names Newest Award for Catherine F. Connolly
Catherine Connolly was honored at the Winter Conference Recognition Banquet with the unveiling of ACMA's newest Award named after her to recognize Assistant City/County Managers who demonstrate exemplary service to their organization and community. Pam Kavanaugh, Assistant City Manager for the City of Glendale took home the award that night.

The namesake of the Award, Catherine F. Connolly worked with the League of Arizona Cities and Towns for 34 years, a tenure that began in 1971. Cathy was appointed Executive Director of League in 1998 and served in that role until December 2005 when she retired. Cathy, an ACMA Life Member began her career under the direction of Jack DeBolske and was continually promoted until becoming Assistant Director of the League in 1987. During her tenure with the League, Cathy provided advocacy, support and guidance to the cities and towns in Arizona in countless ways. Cathy's dedication and remarkable service to the League was the underlying inspiration for this award.
Pam Kavanaugh was presented with the Catherine F. Connolly Award at the Winter Recognition Banquet for her 27 years of dedicated service to the City of Glendale, her incredible reputation for professionalism and her high degree of ethics that is exhibited through her interactions with staff, elected officials and the community. Pam is a great mentor and outstanding example to other employees within the City of Glendale.
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