President's Message
Virtually every profession has an association in which someone can belong to, whether on a national, state, or local level. Some associations offer valuable information, opportunities for networking, mentoring, and training, and some simply offer a chance to list a membership on a resume. We are fortunate in Arizona to have an association dedicated to the profession of city/county management that truly provides the kinds of valuable resources that most of us look for in a quality professional association.

The Arizona City/County Management Association boasts over 360 members of professional city or county managers, assistant managers, tribal managers, management assistants, department directors, and others dedicated to the professional delivery of local government services. Led by an elected Board of Directors, ACMA is continuously listening to the professional development needs of its members, and adding or improving programs accordingly. In addition to the Board of Directors, many members of our association assist in strengthening ACMA through service on various committees and task forces.

As a direct result of a membership survey conducted last year, the ACMA Board has already enacted several new member benefits, and will add more in the coming year. The addition of an ACMA Listserv will enable members across the state to query each other on public policy and other issues, and share information quickly and efficiently. Later this year, we will also be offering our first training using Webinar technology. Members will be able to participate in the interactive web-based training from the comfort of their own offices, and without the associated costs of traveling to a meeting location.

At our recent ACMA Board Retreat, the Board discussed the need to focus resources on creating more awareness about the profession and improving learning and professional development opportunities. To that end, we've added a second scholarship this year for first time attendees at the ICMA Annual Conference. In addition, the Board is exploring the development for scholarship opportunities for ACMA conferences and plan to have that opportunity in place for ACMA's February, 2008 Winter Conference. The Board is also focused on ensuring that our overall training and development programs, and, indeed, all aspects of our member benefits, are structured with careful consideration so that they meet the professional development needs of all membership categories of the organization.

ACMA continues to grow and expand its range of programs and services, based upon the interest and demands of our membership. To those of you who are members, I encourage you to continue to offer your input to me or any member of the Board, and to let us know if you are interested in being more involved with the Association through participation on committees and task forces. For those who have not yet joined, you are most welcome to apply so that you can start enjoying the wide range of programs, as well as the wonderful opportunity to meet high caliber professionals dedicated to the proud profession of local government management.

Gayle Mabery
ACMA President
Historic Town of Clarkdale
Arizona City/County Management Association
1820 W. Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: (602) 258-5786
Fax: (602) 253-3874
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