ICMA Recognition

Congratulations to the following ACMA members and local communities that received special recognition at the recent ICMA Conference in Pittsburgh:

2007 Assistant Excellence in Leadership Award in Memory of Buford M. Watson, Jr.

Robert Stull, Deputy City Administrator of Yuma, AZ

2007 Strategic Leadership & Governance Program Excellence Award (pop. 50,000+)

"Master Thinker/Communities That Think" Yuma, AZ, and Mark S. Watson, City Administrator

2007 Center for Performance Measurement's Certificate Program
Recognizes Local Governments that have made an exceptional commitment to integrating performance measurement into their management practices.

Certificate of Achievement (at least 2 years in 4 or more service areas): Peoria, AZ
Certificate of Distinction (at least 3 years in six or more service areas): Phoenix, AZ

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