ACMA Recognizes Newest Life Members
ACMA is proud to recognize new Life Members Fred Carpenter and Stephen Cleveland.

Our first new life member, Fred Carpenter, is the former City Manager of Payson. Fred has also worked for Guadalupe, Prescott Valley, Buckeye and Wickenburg.

Fred joined ACMA in the early 1980s and went on to be Board President in 1995. During his time in ACMA, Fred has served in various capacities on the conference planning committee and has been a conference speaker.

Fred has also been extremely valuable to all of the communities and people he has worked with. Stephen Cleveland, former City Manager of Goodyear, who nominated Fred, said the following,

"Fred Carpenter taught me that small communities-whether Guadalupe, Prescott Valley, Buckeye, Wickenburg, or Payson-can be innovative and be a positive force in the League of Arizona Cities and Towns, and in the various Councils of Governments. You do not need to be big to lead. You do not need to be big to be heard. Cooperation and regional leadership have been a hallmark for Fred. He is willing to set aside his personal needs for the betterment of the whole."

The next new Life member, Stephen Cleveland, is the former City Manager of Goodyear.

Stephen has been an active member of ACMA since 1983, the year he joined Goodyear. He has been very active in the association during that time. Most notably, Stephen served as the ACMA Finance Committee chair from 2000 through 2004. His leadership on this committee helped lead ACMA through a difficult financial time. Stephen is also a past winner of ACMA highest honor, the DeBolske Award.

Stephen has made significant contributions to the City of Goodyear. He guided the City through a period of rapid growth during which the organization went from having 50 employees to 550 and the growth in the community created a great demand for new services. Stephen also helped champion the Training our Future Leaders Program through the Southwest Valley Citizens Academy, a program that has produced many Southwest Valley elected officials.

George Flores, who nominated Stephen, said the following of him in his nomination, "He has quietly and permanently, positively impacted the lives of many people and left an indelible mark on many programs including ACMA."

Because of Fred and Stephen's commitment to ACMA, the municipalities they have served, and the profession as a whole, ACMA was proud to present Fred Carpenter and Steven Cleveland with Life Membership.
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