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ICMA 2009 Conference Message

Since last fall, ICMA's 2009 Conference Host and Planning Committees have been hard at work preparing a relevant, informative and enjoyable annual conference for the membership. Like you, all of us are wrestling with the reality of the economic times and the inherent pressures associated with attending a national conference, especially one held out of the country. With training and development funds usually the first thing cut when budgets have to be trimmed, how can we justify attending the conference in Montreal?

Now, more than ever, we need to emphasize our value to our organization and the value of professional development opportunities that are available at the annual conference. "What is your community's return on investment when you attend an ICMA annual conference?" Is your attendance viewed as just a vacation? A chance to see a new city on the municipality's dime? Or is it a cost-effective opportunity to gain knowledge, insights, strategies and contacts that will help you lead your community during these very uncertain times? From a pure business sense, there should be an economic gain on your investment from attending the conference. If you value the long-term professional benefits that can be realized, personally paying for some or all of the cost may be the answer and could demonstrate to your governing body that you are seriously committed to your development, your profession, and your community.

Individuals cannot navigate these difficult economic times alone. Your professional association and the conference committees are committed to offering the membership a valuable professional development opportunity in Montreal. You and your community will absolutely realize a high rate of return on your investment to attend-for many years to come. Likewise, we are committed to assist attendees in finding the most cost-effective ways to travel to and stay in Montreal, to further increase your return on your investment.

The question you need to ask yourself is, "How can I best serve and lead my community?"
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