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President's Message
After a discussion at our board meeting during the Winter Conference, the Board met in Chandler on April 9 and 10 to develop a new strategic plan. ACMA's first strategic plan was formulated in 2002. That plan was updated in 2006 and since that time annual work plans have been tied to it to accomplish ACMA's mission. In April, the Board revised the vision, mission and values statements and created 9 Key Results Areas (KRA's) goals with a series of specific, measurable accomplishments under each KRA, targeted for completion in 2009-10. Pending a final vote of the board at our May meeting, I wanted to share those proposed Key Results Areas with you, along with the board member(s) assigned responsibility, so that you can share your thoughts prior to completion of the document.

KRA 1 - Public Education.
Goal: Enhance public understanding and support for
increasing professionalism in local government in general and council-manager form of government in particular.
Lead: Jim Thompson
Support: Bob Flatley and Mike Hutchinson

KRA 2 - University Partnerships.
Goal: Increase partnerships with Arizona's public universities to help build future generations of local government managers.
Lead: Gilbert Davidson

KRA 3 - Professional Development and Training.
Goal:Improve quantity and quality of professional development and training opportunities for ACMA members.
Lead: Rachel Hut

KRA 4 - Future Generations.
Goal: Develop future generations of local government managers to sustain the profession.
Lead: Cynthia Seelhammer
Support: George Pettit

KRA 5 - Member Communication and Involvement.
Goal: Enhance communication between Board and membership in order to increase member involvement in ACMA.
Lead: Josh Wright
Support: Jimmy Jayne.

KRA 6 - Corporate Sponsorship.
Goal: Cultivate new corporate sponsors, retain existing ones and give consideration in future years to establishing endowment for the Harvard scholarship program.
Lead: David Andrews.

KRA 7 - Alliance for Innovation.
Goal: Continue to strengthen the partnership with Alliance for Innovation.
Lead: Pam Kavanaugh

KRA 8 - ACMA Committees.
Goal: Reevaluate purpose and structure of ACMA Committees.
Lead: George Pettit
Support: Pam Kavanaugh

KRA 9 - 2012 ICMA Conference.
Goal: Host well-organized, sufficiently funded and successful conference.
Lead: Cynthia Seelhammer
Support: Mike Hutchinson.

One of the overriding themes of the retreat was the desire by the Board to hear your views about ACMA, how we can best support your efforts and ensure that the organization stays relevant to you at whatever point you are in your career. The Board Members are committed to being in touch with each community to encourage your involvement with ACMA. In the coming newsletters, you will be hearing from the Board Members who will be writing columns regarding areas of special interest to them.

Speaking of involvement, we have had record member interest in both the Harvard Scholarship and ICMA Conference Planning Committee. Congratulations to Gilbert Davidson, Town Manager of Marana, and Kelly Udall, Town Manager of Pinetop-Lakeside, who will be going to Harvard. Congratulations to Susan Thorpe, Deputy City Manager, City of Peoria, who will be our representative on the ICMA Conference Planning Committee.

Special thanks to Paul Wenbert, President of PW Consulting Services, who generously facilitated our retreat pro bono and City Manager Mark Pentz of Chandler who provided us with meeting space.

Look forward to seeing you at the July conference.
Pam Kavanaugh
Assistant City Manager
City of Glendale
Arizona City/County Management Association
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