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Member Profile: Susan J. Daluddung

City of Peoria
Deputy City Manager

Where are you originally from?
The prairies of Minnesota, which makes me perfectly suited for the deserts of Arizona.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in local government?
Local government presents challenges and opportunities that allow me to use my education and experience. It also provides an opportunity to work on a larger scale, which I enjoy. Working for a city allows me as a professional to use my unique perspectives and ideas as a catalyst for change, particularly in the areas of sustainability, open space, transit oriented development and other components essential to a community's quality of life.

What do you like most about your job?
I most enjoy seeing the results of our work in the community, and being able to help cities grow and thrive. I also enjoy working with people and helping to develop policies to move the community forward.

What areas of local government interest you the most?
I am especially interested in the physical changes we are able to make in our environment that enhance the city and make it an enjoyable and desirable place to live. Working in teams involving all city departments provides opportunity for creativity and synergy, and is most interesting.

As a local government professional, what accomplishment are you most proud of?
Getting my Ph.D. in Urban Studies in Portland, Oregon, while practicing my profession in California was a big challenge. Transforming the Oregon planning and environmental model onto the California land development model is one accomplishment I am proud of!

What was the last book you read? What is the best piece of advice you have been given? What are your hobbies?
The last book I have read is "Four Seasons in Rome" by Anthony Doeer, in hopes that my husband and I can visit there soon. It was written by a prize winning author who appreciated the urban landscape. Very interesting.

The best advice I have received professionally is, "It's the little things that count." If you work hard on those little problems, the large policy issues often fall into place. It is important to "be in the moment" and to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our staff, policy leaders and the community as a whole.

My hobbies include swimming, hiking, baking goodies and growing "green" plants. Most of all I love to travel and find new spas in great locations - another great reason to live in Arizona!
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