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ICMA Credentialing - Invest in your Profession
By Gilbert Davidson, Manager, Town of Marana

Seeking knowledge and learning from the outcome of your actions is the premise for the ICMA voluntary credentialing program. Obtaining your credentialed manager certification is a great way to enhance your professional capabilities and expand your knowledge base. Local government management is complex and challenging on multiple levels. In this profession, the more options and solutions we can generate to provide to the policy makers, the more our profession is seen as a key part of the success of the organization.

Taking time to attend workshops and conferences related to professional development is one of the best ways to increase your ability to respond to the needs of the organization and community. Creating a network of professional contacts to call upon for ideas, reality checks, and advice is so critical for self-reflection. Reading journals and articles on the latest trends and best practices is essential for lifelong learning. The voluntary credentialing program is designed to keep you on track with all of these efforts. It forces you to take time to think about what you need to learn and improve upon each year.

The steps to achieve credentialed manager are not difficult. It involves taking an assessment to gauge your current knowledge and awareness of various issues. It requires some planning and commitment to attend workshops, training sessions, and conferences. It encourages the reading of journals, articles, and other publications related to this profession and its many components. Overall, the program provides a way for you to stay connected to other local government professionals and keep you exposed to new ideas, thoughts, and discussions.

If you are interested in the voluntary credentialing program, ICMA provides information related to the program and the steps necessary to obtain the certification through its website - Arizona is home to 33 credentialed managers. If you want to talk to one of them about the program, please contact the League of Arizona Cities and Towns for a complete list of credentialed managers working in Arizona. This is a great program and it enhances the mission of our profession in many ways.

Gilbert Davidson, Marana Town Manager
ICMA - Credentialed Manager
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