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ACMA Member Survey
By Robert Flatley, ACMA President-Elect

As one can see by the survey questions asked, the ACMA Board of Directors is requesting feedback on how the organization can better serve you. Please give your honest opinion when answering these questions. You will remain anonymous.

Surveys are one of the most common methods of social research as they are not only convenient but give immediate information. They are useful in data collections, evaluation and research.

This survey has a logical flow. It begins with some basic personal information data, and then moves on to more detailed questions. Today, most organizations rely on surveys to provide them with "instant information" regarding people's choices, their needs, and to gauge behavioral aspects. Organizations often place a lot of emphasis on surveys.

So we ask you to spend a few minutes to complete the ACMA Member Survey so that ACMA can better serve you into the future.

Please select this link to take the survey:
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