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Arizona State University's Marvin Andrews Fellowship Program
By: George Pettit, ACMA Life Member and ASU Professor

Thank you all for your attention and support at ACMA Sedona. For those of you who were not in attendance, we shared the news that Daniel Ortiz-Hernandez (Andrews Fellow 2008-10 and Casa Grande management assistant) became city manager of Kimball, Nebraska, at the start of the year, representing the first Andrews Fellow to have that title. Dean Koppell also announced the new Director of the School of Public Affairs, Karen Mossberger, and a pending offer for the position previously held by Dr. Jim Svara.

There have been 18 graduates since the Fellows Program started in 2006, all of whom continue to grow and contribute as professional public managers. What was just a concept a short seven years ago has tangible results in developing next generation professional managers.

The Andrews Fellowship is a partnership of ACMA and Arizona State University. The mentoring provided by ACMA members adds value to their professional development, as well as the academics and internship opportunities at ASU the first year, and in the field the second year.

However, to continue our program requires additional financial support. We also shared the updated brochure on the program at lunch. Thank you to those of you who have contributed to our efforts to support the Program at the 6 students per year level. That number of students requires $33,000 per year to pay the endowment share of the costs. I truly appreciate the Board's commitment to contribute to the cause, but just as with the initial fund raising it requires the individual members to commit as well. You can donate at any time on line at

If you have any questions about the program please feel free to contact me at
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