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Andrews Fellowship Update
By: George Pettit, ACMA Life Member and ASU Professor

The start of the new fiscal year brings new faces and leadership to the Arizona State University partners in the Andrews Fellowship Program for Urban Management.

First, the new Director of the School of Public Affairs, Dr. Karen Mossberger, starts July 1. She joins ASU from the University of Illinois, where she was head of the department of public administration. Mossberger received her doctorate in political science from Wayne State University and served as a senior social planning and development assistant for 3 1/2 years for the city of Detroit. Jonathan Koppell continues as the dean of the College of Public Programs.

The second change starting July 1 is the addition of Dr. David Swindell. He will serve as associate professor and director of the Center for Urban Innovation. The Center and the Alliance for Innovation fund a research internship for the first year Marvins as part of their overall experience. Swindell is coming from the University of North Carolina and received his doctorate from the University of Indiana. He follows the leadership of Dr. James Svara who has retired and moved back to the Carolinas. Swindell met with Goodyear officials on their project while here for a financial seminar, and is excited to be a part of this leadership development program.

I want to share with you the direction I received from Dean Koppell at graduation. He indicated a strong desire to return to having four Andrews Fellows to grow the program back to its original cohort size. Such a direction will require additional funding from all of our partners, the Alliance for Innovation, and ASU for the first year internships; an additional second year field internship; and funding from the Fellowship. Communities have been generous in their support for the field internships, with individual members equally giving of their time to be professional mentors.

As I shared in earlier updates, the annual cost to the fellowship for each student is around $6,000. As I reported in April, the fundraising effort produced $17,905 total. In discussions with the Board, it is not clear what level of funding can be expected from the Association in the future, so it is up to you, the individual member, to make this additional Marvin possible through your giving.

Thank you again to the 22 who have donated and made it possible to start three new Marvins in August. Take a moment and commit to this effort to develop the next generation of municipal managers by supporting the program online at anytime.

Let me know if you have any questions. I can be reached at or via cell phone at 480-993-9567.
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