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ICMA Credentialing - What's the Point?
By Robert E. Smith, ICMA-CM
Town Manager, Town of Chino Valley

The point is that public managers owe it to their communities, to create the best skillset and levels of professional knowledge and practice that they can muster - with the objective being to provide the best public service possible in the face of dwindling resources and increasing needs.

The point is that public managers owe it to the elected officials they serve, to have a depth and command of management in the public service -- such that public policy is effectively facilitated and responsibly executed with the best possible information and administrative skill.

The point is that public managers owe it to their staff, to challenge, empower and cultivate new leadership and innovation within the organization, while also charting an optimal course through an ever-accelerating wave of difficulties and regulation.

The point is that public managers owe it to themselves, to seek a better understanding of an ever-changing and expanding role with seemingly impossible juxtapositions and bottomless demands of time and expertise.

The point is that the public manager's role is so important to the public, elected officials and administration, that there has to be a professional commitment to ethics, training, practice, and education that surpasses the manager's personal needs and sets an example for the administration as well as the community.

Credentialing is not only an assistive process for professional managers to pursue the above, it's also a way to document the professional's efforts and commitment towards those ends. It's a clear indication of that professional's commitment, and establishes a standard of quality for that commitment that communities can count on.

It's not just a bunch of letters behind your name.
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