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ACMA Welcomes Senior Advisors
ACMA welcomes Mike Letcher, Life Member, ACMA and Pat McDermott, Retired Member, ACMA as the new Senior Advisors. Mike has over 30 years in city management with 20 years here in Arizona, he is very familiar with the challenges and opportunities for our profession nationally as well as in Arizona. Mike's background consists of management consulting and serving as an assistant professor at the University of Arizona Masters of Public Administration Program, both which require him to stay current on trends in our profession.

Pat has over 38 years of municipal management experience working in midsize organizations. Most of his experience was at the city manager or assistant city manager level but also worked in or had dual roles in Community Development, Human Resources, and Public Housing. Pat has helped guide several organizations with very limited resources to expand the level of services as well as the quality of services through collaboration with employees and challenging the status quo of the organizational culture.

About the ICMA Program
The ICMA Senior Advisor program is a joint activity of ICMA and state sponsors established by the ICMA Executive Board in 1974 to make the counsel, experience, and support of respected, retired managers of the profession available to members. Senior Advisors are retired managers with extensive experience who volunteer their time to provide a unique source of outside advice to their colleagues. Senior Advisors are available to meet periodically with members in their states or areas to discuss the profession and their concerns as members. Discussion topics range from relations with elected officials, overall management questions, relations with ICMA, responses to local controversies such as referenda on the council-manager plan, to career development. All discussions are on a confidential basis. The Senior Advisor program is designed to help with personal and professional issues, not to provide technical assistance or solve substantive problems in a local government. Senior Advisors may also help communities interested in creating a professional local government management position, including adoption of council-manager government.

Mike Letcher and Pat McDermott will begin their term as Senior Advisors in January 2016.

Mike Letcher
Pat McDermott

We would like to thank Lloyd Harrell and Mike Hutchinson for their many years of service as ACMA Range Riders/Senior Advisors. They will continue to be involved with ACMA as Life Members. Lloyd will also continue to serve as an ICMA liaison to ACMA. You can continue to reach him at
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