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Approved Bylaw Amendments
At the ACMA Annual Business Meeting, held on February 4, the ACMA Membership voted to approve several new changes to the ACMA bylaws. The changes are outlined below:

New ACMA Membership Criteria
Changes to Section 2.1 - The Board of Directors added a non-voting membership criterion that will allow for previous ACMA members or members of an ICMA affiliate association to stay informed of ACMA events. The new subscriber membership will have annual dues of $25. The subscriber member is one not eligible for full, associate, distinguished, faculty or student membership. The membership includes non-government organizations; however it limits their attendance at ACMA events unless they are a corporate partner of ACMA.

Distinguished Membership/Life Criteria
Changes to Section 2.1 - Changes to the distinguished membership adds clarifying language to qualifications as well as minor grammar changes.

Online Voting
Changes to Sections 5, 6 and 10 - The last bylaw amendment will allow for ACMA members to vote electronically through the ACMA website. Currently ACMA members only vote on the board of directors, distinguished membership and bylaw changes at the Annual Business meeting. With the proposed amendments, members will have the opportunity to vote electronically through their secured member access on the ACMA website. Members will receive information on any bylaw amendments throughout the year as well as voting in January for new board members, president-elect, and distinguished membership. Members will be given at least 30 days to vote. The amendment will also allow for ACMA members who are not able to attend the annual conference to vote on board members and bylaw amendments.

To view the ACMA Bylaws, please point your browser here.
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