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ACMA President's Message
By Nicole Lance, ACMA President

Hello from the hallowed halls of the ACMA Presidential Suite! (Ok, just kidding… I'm writing this from my office in Surprise! Just thought that would make a better opening.)

Thank you so very much for the opportunity to serve as your ACMA President for this coming year. I am excited for this chance to serve alongside you in support of our organization. As mentioned at the winter conference, the work we do is incredibly meaningful, and our efforts as local government professionals make a difference not just in the communities where we serve but for the staff members and elected officials we support. The winter conference this year provided an opportunity for us to pause and reflect; and having Rachel Hut-Bremen's family present with us added a personal touch that I hope to be reflective of my leadership approach in the coming year.

I look forward to serving with our other board members, and I thank each of them for their commitment to and support of ACMA. Huge thanks go out to our Immediate Past President Josh Wright. Josh's commitment to public service, efforts to improve our membership - both in value for our members and actually increasing the membership overall - and to ensure the financial sustainability of the organization, as well as the humor he brought to the position have helped position ACMA for success. Our conference attendance and membership numbers as well as our financial outlook reflect the efforts of recent years, and I am proud to continue efforts to enhance the sustainability of our organization while improving value for our members as well as our sponsors.

In this coming year, in addition to building upon the success of previous leaders in terms of our membership growth and diversification and our financial stability, I intend to focus efforts on the appreciation of our existing sponsor and donor base, as well as cultivating new sponsors. A key component of our financial stability relies on positive relationships with our sponsors, and I look forward to getting to know them better as we find better ways to support them in return for their sponsorship.

Additionally, I look forward to coordinating with our ICMA President Pat Martel's initiatives for diversity and inclusivity in leadership. More specifically, as we continue to explore ways to engage our existing membership and cultivate new members, we will seek to find ways to recognize, promote, celebrate, and engage minority demographics within the organization as we expand and adapt our programming.

Finally, we will work to improve our strategic plan and provide long-term goals for improvement and stability that combine with shorter-term objectives and deliverables that ensure we are moving forward in the most productive manner possible to best meet the needs of our membership.

Our top priority as a board is to provide a premier level of support to you, our members. We will continue to seek creative ways to offer programming that adds value to our membership at all levels, excites and interests new members as well as existing and life-long members, and meets the needs of our organization in a fiscally prudent manner.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. I look forward to serving you, celebrating with you, and laughing with you in this coming year. If I can personally be of assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me at (480) 220-1076 or
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