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A Message from ACMA President Nicole Lance
By Nicole Lance, ACMA President

Hello again! I was trying to think of a really electrifying way to open this newsletter… maybe something involving a fog machine, rabid coyotes, or sharks with lasers... but truthfully, sharing the work of your ACMA board is just as thrilling as all of that! Ok, maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but it IS exciting to share with you the work we've been doing to make sure ACMA continues to be a top-notch association.

Your ACMA board gathered for two days in March to review our strategic plan and associated priority areas for the coming year. I'd like to thank each board member, our two new Senior Advisors, Mike Letcher and Pat McDermott, and the League/ACMA staff for their time and assistance in this important effort. I'd also like to thank Gina Montes, chair of our Andrews/Esser Scholarship Committee, for her time at the retreat as well. Our retreat focused on establishing key focus areas for the upcoming year in order to ensure we are moving ACMA forward in a way that best meets the needs of our current and future members as well as our sponsors.

We covered standard business items such as reviewing our bylaws for additional proposed changes, discussing the work of the ethics committee and identifying additional areas of opportunity, and completing a detailed review of the budget. Additionally, a bulk of the retreat centered on our ACMA strategic plan and identification of action items associated with each of our key result areas. We continue our efforts in five key areas: public education, higher education partnerships, professional development and future leadership; member communication and involvement; and financial sustainability.

Specifically, your board will be working on:
  • Continued support for the Next Generation Leadership Conference
  • Identification of potential partner organizations to expand and enrich our membership
  • Ongoing promotion and expansion of our ACMA Mentoring Program
  • Additional work to ensure our ethics program is robust and relevant
  • Continued efforts to recruit and retain members
  • Expansion of partnerships/involvement with higher education institutions
  • Sponsor cultivation
  • Establishment of financial policies

To view the 2016 Strategic Plan, please click here.

Your board wants to get to know you and the other potential members in your organizations and throughout Arizona. Expect a personal touch and individual outreach as we move through this year. We are committed to serving you in the best manner possible to help keep the local government management profession strong in Arizona.

I look forward to seeing you at the Summer Conference in Marana July 20-22! Your conference planning committee has been hard at work putting together a stellar and engaging series of sessions, and we have incorporated new ways of getting to know and interact with our sponsors. I assure you it will be a fun and exciting few days in the desert!
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