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ACMA Nominating Committee Recommendations & Bylaw Amendments
All ACMA members received the Nominating Committee report on December 30 that put forth member names to fill the ACMA Board of Directors 2017 vacancies. Now all members have the opportunity to vote for the board member seats, life membership and bylaw amendments. The names on the ballot are listed below.

President-Elect Shane Dille, Deputy City Manager, Flagstaff
Director (two-year term) Justin Clifton, City Manager, Sedona
Director (two-year term) Bryant Powell, City Manager, Apache Junction
Director (two-year term) Brent Stockwell, Assistant City Manager, Scottsdale
Director, Associate
(two-year term)
Steven Turner, Senior Management Analyst, Casa Grande
Life Membership Pat McDermott, Former assistant city manager for Chandler and ACMA/ICMA Senior Advisor
Please note: Under the ACMA bylaws, voting may take place electronically through the ACMA member portal. The new online system gives all members the opportunity to vote rather than only those attending the Winter Conference. We strongly encourage all members to take advantage of this opportunity! Please submit your vote by January 31, 2017! If you have already voted on the bylaw amendments, the voting on those amendments will not show in your member portal as it is complete.

If you forgot your password please do not hesitate to contact staff at Voting is available on the ACMA member site.

Follow the steps below on how to review and vote.

  1. Go to:

  2. You'll need to login with your member username and password.

  3. Once you're logged in, you should see "Welcome, Name! // Logout" off to the right beneath the navigation bar. Select the link that reads "1 poll(s) need your vote" between your name and the logout.

  4. To vote, click on the poll.

  5. Review the bylaw amendments background and actual changes. After you have reviewed the amendments, cast your vote at the bottom of the page.

  6. After you have selected "yes, I approve the specified changes" or "no, I do not approve the specified changes" you are then asked to verify your choice. You must click "Submit" at the bottom of the verification page in order to officially submit your vote. NOTE: once you submit your vote, you will not be able to go back to view the poll intro and proposed changes.

  7. After you've submitted your votes, the "1 poll(s) need your vote" will be gone.

  8. If you roll over the "Members" button in the navigation bar, you can access your polls page by going to the "Membership Polls" menu option. Click that option.

  9. You can then see the polls that you have voted in as well as any active polls that still need your attention. You are only allowed to vote once and per the bylaws, members will have 30 days to review and cast their vote.
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